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摘要: MNCs, India Inc put off by Piyush Goyals remark on Amazon 皮尤什戈亚尔对亚马逊的评论让跨国公司感到不快 NEW DELHI: Top executives at several multinational and Indian companies on Thursday took umbra ...
MNCs, India Inc put off by Piyush Goyal’s remark on Amazon 皮尤什·戈亚尔对亚马逊的评论让跨国公司感到不快 NEW DELHI: Top executives at several multinational and Indian companies on Thursday took umbrage at commerce minister Piyush Goyal’s comment that Amazon was not doing any favour to India by announcing a fresh $1 billion investment in the country. 新德里:周四,印度商务部长皮尤什·戈亚尔称亚马逊宣布在印度投资10亿美元,这对印度没有任何好处,几家跨国公司和印度公司的高管对此表示不满。 “Until now it used to be a matter of pride to announce such big investments into India,” said the chief executive of an MNC. “But if this is the response companies are going to get from the current dispensation, they will think twice before making or announcing investments here.” The top executive of another company said this did not “reflect well” on India. “It will only drive foreign investments away,” he said. 一家跨国公司的首席执行官表示:“至今为止,宣布对印度进行如此大规模的投资不断是一件值得自豪的事情。但如果这就是境外企业得到的回应,他们在这里投资或宣布投资前必定要先三思而后行。” 另一家公司的高管表示,这对印度“影响不大”。“这只会赶走外国投资,”他表示。 On Thursday, while speaking at a security conference in New Delhi, Goyal sounded unimpressed by Amazon’s pledge. “They may have put in a billion dollars but then if they make a loss of a billion dollars every year, then they jolly well have to finance that billion dollars,” Goyal said. “So, it;s not as if they are doing a great favour to India when they invest a billion dollars.” 周四,戈亚尔在新德里的一次安全会议上发表讲话时,似乎对亚马逊的投资不感兴趣。戈亚尔说:“他们可能已经投入了10亿美元,但如果他们每年亏损10亿美元,那他们就必需为这10亿美元提供资金。所以,他们投资10亿美元似乎并没有给印度带来什么好处。” Several of the business leaders ET talked to said they were offended by the minister’s statement. They spoke on the condition of anonymity. 几位接受采访的商界领袖说,他们对部长的声明感到不快。他们要求匿名。 “This is not Indian culture. Mr Goyal’s choice of words could have been better,” said the chief executive of an Indian company. “这不是印度文化。戈亚尔的措辞本来可以更好的,”一家印度公司的首席执行官表示。 Over the months, the government has been taking a tough stand on alleged circumventing of Indian ecommerce rules by Amazon and Walmart-owned Flipkart. The chorus against Amazon and Flipkart is also getting louder every day from small traders to politicians. 几个月来,对于亚马逊和沃尔玛旗下的Flipkart涉嫌违反印度电子商务规则一事,政府采取了强硬立场。从小商贩到政客,反对亚马逊和Flipkart的呼声也日益高涨。 A CEO of a large consumer-facing company said Goyal was making those comments out of compulsions to please small retailers and traders, who form the backbone of BJP’s vote-bank, as the segment is perceived to be hurt by deep discounting and alleged predatory pricing by Amazon and Flipkart. “The government doesn’t want to antagonise the trading community,” he said. “But such statements would send a wrong signal to investors.” 一家面向消费者的大型公司的首席执行官表示,Goyal发表这些言论是出于取悦小型零售商和贸易商的需要,而这些人是印度人民党选票库的支柱,因为亚马逊和Flipkart的低折扣和所谓的掠夺性定价伤害了这一群体的利益。他表示:“政府不想惹恼商贸群体。但这样的声明将向投资者发出错误的信号。” The chief executive of a frontline consumer electronics maker lauded Amazon’s investment plans and said any such capital infusion, especially at a time when the country was battling one of its worst slowdowns in years, should be welcomed. “Statements like these may impact MNC investor sentiments, especially at a time when the government is trying to promote Make in India 2.0,” he said. 一家前沿消费电子产品创造商的首席执行官称赞了亚马逊的投资计划,并表示,此类资本的注入都应该遭到欢迎,尤其目前该国正遭遇多年来最严峻的经济放缓。他说:“这样的声明可能会影响跨国公司的投资者情绪,特殊是在政府试图推广‘印度创造’2.0的时候。” 以下是《印度经济时报》网友评论: 译文来源:三泰虎 译者:Joyceliu Sanjay Kohli Piyush Goyal, is super sharp but needs to moderate the way he presents his thoughts. Also timing of what one says and how one says it is critical. It was important to make Bezos feel good during his trip. The man has indeed, changed the world. 皮尤什·戈亚尔非常尖锐,但他需要调整自己表达想法的方式。同样,说话的时机和方式也是至关重要的。让贝佐斯到访期间感觉良好是很重要的。他确实改变了世界。 Ibrahim Sakarwala India today stands on the Treshold of economic revolution, with the budget in sight such comments were unnecessary , having said this, we now know that corporates have a hidden agenda and that there are no free lunches ever. So it may have been a slip of tongue.... but atleast it's the truth. 今天的印度站在经济革命的风口浪头上,预算在望,这样的评论是没有必要的,话虽如此,我们知道企业有私欲,天下从没有免费的午餐。所以这可能是个口误……但至少这是现实。 Srinivasan G Kailasam Reliance retail will also not be too different from Amazon and Flipkart.Piyush Goyal could have put things in a better way. With Delhi elections looming large probably Piyushji could be trying to protect BJP's support base. 信实零售与亚马逊和Flipkart也没有太大区别。皮尤什·戈亚尔本可以把事情做得更好。随着德里选举的临近,皮尤什可能是想要保护人民党的民意支持。 PV This Piyush Goyal is supposed to be the best minister in this BJP govt. And this is the way he speaks. Does he not realize that he is a central minister and not a just a 3rd grade politician? Whom is he trying to please? What Amazon has done in India is amazing in all aspects and nobody can match the quality of service. There are lakhs who are employed due to Amazon. As far pricing is concerned, there are others Indian ecommerce companies that are giving lower discounts. There are times when we cancelled an order on Amazon because the same item was offered at a lower price from website. As a Minister, Goyal appears to be very narrow minded and shortsighted like his master. They are here to please certain section of voters only. 这个皮尤什·戈亚尔被认为是人民党政府中最好的部长。难道他没故意识到他自己身为一个中央部长,不是三流政治家吗?他想取悦谁?亚马逊在印度所做的一切在各方面都是惊人的,没有人能在服务品质上出其左右。亚马逊雇佣了很多人。就定价而言,印度其他电子商务公司的折扣更低。有时我们会取消亚马逊上的订单,因为其他网站上同样商品的价格更低。作为一名部长,戈亚尔和他的主人一样,心胸狭窄,目光短浅。他们只是为了取悦部分选民。 Yudhvir Singh Chaudhary And in the context of the context of Climate Change in India and the World context? 在印度和世界气候变化的背景下? Realdeshbhakt goyal is HMV(his master's voice).He must have been instructed from PMO to ridicule jeff bezos on orders of ambanis. 戈亚尔表达的是他主子的意思。他一定是受总理的指示,为安巴尼讥笑杰夫·贝佐斯。 Hari Madathil how can a Responsible Minister makes such comments!! Is he trying to favor someone by demoralising a foreign investor? If any co has made any misappropriation the Tax/CLB authorities should take action, a Minister's comment like this will end up in negative feeling to the investors. 一个担任任的部长怎么能做出这样的评论!!他是想通过打击外国投资者的士气来讨好某个人吗?如果任何公司有任何不当挪用,税务当局应该采取行动,部长这样的评论最终会给投资者带来负面情绪。 Ashok Desai GOYAL WANTS TO HELP RELIANCE ECOMMERCE ROLL-OUT HENCE SUCH A FOOLISH UTTERANCE. 戈亚尔希翼协助信实电子商务,所以才说出这种愚昧的言论。 Bhavnaish Khosla Unlike the sycophant India Press which echos BJP line; US press media are independent. Even their President is under impeachment. In India those who speak against BJP/RSS are termed anti-national and hounded by ED, Income Tax, and CBI. 跟只知一味奉承、附和人民党的印度媒体不同的是,美国新闻媒体是独立的。连他们的总统也会遭受弹劾。在印度,那些反对人民党/RSS的人被称为反国义者,会受到所得税和中央考察局的骚扰。 True Indian These MNCs know how to make money by investing in developing nations like India ....they are least bothered about these statements .... MNCs worried only on investment and not on statements .... no emotions in business please .... 这些跨国公司知道如何通过投资印度等进展中国家来赚钱。他们对这些说法最不在意……跨国公司只关心投资,不关心声明……商业领域请不要有情绪…… Punit Kumar Goes's two generations have lived on tax payers money nad never won a election for What ? 高斯的两代人都靠纳税人的钱生活,却素来没有博得过选举。 Ashok Fully agree with the Minister. It is high time that we Indians drop the spineless attitude with the Congress have carefully cultivated over the last 70 years. I know there will be enough spineless Indians who would want us to welcome MNCS at any cost like we did 300 years ago with Europeans and got colonized and moved india from the largest economy in the world to one of the smallest.India is the largest consumer market. The MNCs are here for making money not to do charity. They should not be allowed to trample on the Indians. Bezoz will have to bend backward to establish Amazon in India, we do not need Amazon in India, he needs us. 完全允许部长的看法。我们印度人早该放弃过去70年小心懦弱的姿势了。我知道会有很多没有骨气的印度人希翼我们不惜一切代价欢迎跨国公司,就像300年前我们对欧洲人所做的那样,让印度从世界上最大的经济体变成最小的经济体。印度是最大的消费市场。跨国公司来这里是为了赚钱,不是做慈悲。他们没有资格践踏印度人。贝佐兹将不得不在印度努力建立亚马逊,我们印度不需要亚马逊,但他需要我们印度。








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