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摘要: Sacrilegious to delay hanging, Nirbhaya convicts to be hanged March 3 "推迟绞刑是亵渎神明",尼尔巴娅案的罪犯将于3月3日处以绞刑 NEW DELHI: Further delay in the execution of the Nirbhaya case conv ...
‘Sacrilegious to delay hanging’, Nirbhaya convicts to be hanged March 3 "推迟绞刑是亵渎神明",尼尔巴娅案的罪犯将于3月3日处以绞刑 NEW DELHI: Further delay in the execution of the Nirbhaya case convicts would be “sacrilegious” to the rights of the victim and for justice, a Delhi court noted on Monday, fixing 6am on March 3 as the fresh date for their hanging. 新德里:印度德里的一家法院周一指出,进一步推迟处决尼尔巴娅案的罪犯,将是对受害者权利和司法公正的“亵渎”,并将3月3日上午6点定为绞刑的新日期。 This means the four men will be executed on the said date, unless Pawan Gupta decides to file mercy or curative petitions at the last minute as he is the only one who hasn’t exhausted all legal remedies provided under the Constitution. 这象征着这四人将在上述日期被处决,除非帕万·古普塔决定在最后一刻提出赦免或治疗请求,因为他是唯逐个个没实用尽宪法规定的所有法律救济途径的。 Though the Delhi high court-laid deadline for Pawan to file curative and mercy plea ended on February 11, authorities, including the President’s secretariat and the Supreme Court, are known to be lenient and open to hearing any plea till the last minute in capital punishment jurisprudence. 虽然德里高等法院规定帕万提出治疗和赦免请求的最后期限已于2月11日结束,但众所周知,包括总统秘书处和最高法院在内的机构,在执行死刑的最后一刻之前,对任何请求都是宽大解决并情愿听取的。 “Article 21 merely guarantees an opportunity to the condemned convicts to exercise their legal rights. However, whether to utilise the opportunity or not is a matter of choice of the condemned convicts,” additional sessions judge Dharmendra Rana observed, pointing out that “convict Pawan cannot be permitted to defeat the ends of justice by simply opting to remain indolent”. “第21条仅保证被判刑的罪犯有机会行使其合法权利。然而,能否利用这个机会取决于被判刑犯人的选择,”法官Dharmendra Rana评论道,并指出“不能同意罪犯帕万通过不做避选择来阻碍公正。” “After a lapse of 33 months, Pawan has opted to file neither any curative nor mercy petition,” the court observed, saying there can be only “two possible inferences for such indolence; 1) either convict Pawan is satisfied with the verdict of the Supreme Court or 2) he is simply interested in merely delaying the court proceedings.” “33个月过去了,帕万既不提出治疗请求,也不提出赦免请求,”法院评论道,并表示只能有“两种可能的推论:1)帕万对最高法院的判决感到中意,2)他只是想迟延审判程序。” In either case, he cannot claim that the execution of the sentence needs to be delayed further, the judge underlined, adding that even the HC gave “one more opportunity” to Pawan, “unambiguously clarifying to exercise his rights within a week, failing which requisite action shall be initiated without any further delay”. 法官强调,在这两种情况下,他不能要求进一步延迟判决的执行,并补充说,即便高等法院给了帕万“一次机会”,“明确说明要在一周内行使他的权利,否则马上采取必要行动”。 The court also noted that the black warrant issued to fix a date of hanging has been deferred twice and Monday’s order is the third time it has been issued against the four men — Mukesh Singh, Pawan Gupta, Vinay Kumar Sharma and Akshay Thakur. 法院还指出,为确定绞刑日期而发出的执行令已推迟两次,而周一的命令是针对这四人发出的第三次命令。这四人分别是穆克什·辛格、帕万·古普塔、维奈·库马尔·夏尔马和阿克沙伊·塔库尔。 During the proceedings on Monday, Pawan’s counsel Ravi Qazi told the court that the convict “intends to move a curative petition before the Supreme Court and mercy petition before the President”. 在星期一的审理过程中,帕万的律师拉维·卡齐告诉法庭,该罪犯“打算向最高法院提出一份治疗申请,并向总统提出请求赦免书”。 Monday’s order came on applications by Nirbhaya’s parents and the Delhi government seeking fresh death warrants for the convicts after the Supreme Court granted liberty to the authorities to approach the trial court for issuance of fresh date for the execution of the convicts. 周一的命令是依尼尔巴娅的父母和德里政府的申请提出的,在最高法院授权当局向初审法院申请签发处决罪犯的新日期之后,他们要求对这些罪犯签发新的死刑执行令。 印度时报读者的评论: 译者:Jessica.Wu Rekha • 13 hours ago high time their lawyers are hanged.. atleast nobody would represent them and further delay the hanging 绞死他们的律师,就没人为他们辩护,并进一步推迟绞刑了 R• 8 hours ago Actually high time the judges are hanged. Judges are corrupt. 实际上该绞死法官,法官太腐败了。 Rekha • 13 hours ago shame on our judiciary....pl feel for the poor soul of that girl and give justice to her..by hanging they... without any further delay 以我们的司法系统为耻……同情那个可怜女孩,绞死这些罪犯,为她伸张正义吧,不再迟延了 Siddharth • Thane • 13 hours ago Everything was crystal clear, then also so long, shame on our judiciary system. 案情清清楚楚,也拖了这么久,我们的司法系统真是耻辱。 Harish Patel • 13 hours ago Just hang their lawyers too they are buying time when president has rejected the mercy plea. Lawyers are nothing better than criminals that is the reasons India has so much rapes going around. Caught jast excute them . 绞死他们的律师吧,总统都已经拒绝赦免请求了,他们还在迟延时间。律师也好不到哪里,和罪犯没什么两样,这就是印度强奸案频发的原因。逮捕了就执行死刑。 Brahm • 8 hours ago Before hanging they should be punish with the iron rod, and they need to face the same consequences that Nrbhaya did. Hanging is not enough. 绞死还不够,在绞刑之前,先用铁棒打一顿,让他们尝尝尼尔巴娅遭受的痛苦。 Ramu Shukla • 14 hours ago Please hang these criminals now and give justice to Nirbhaya and her family. These people do not deserve to live in this world. 请绞死这些罪犯,为尼尔巴娅和她的家人伸张正义。这些人不配生活在这个世上。 Hsf • 12 hours ago There is no country in the world where the rights of criminals supersede the the right of victim. Reading the news about Nirghaya, it seems, if, she was the criminal and crims are innocent poor villagers. What a judiciary. First order the hanging, then cancel it on the most flimsy excuses. 没有哪个国家的罪犯的权利高于被害人的权利。看看关于尼尔巴娅的新闻,整得如同她是罪犯,罪犯是无辜的贫穷村民似的。这是什么司法系统!先是下令绞死,然后又用最站不住脚的借口取消绞刑。 Narayan • 9 hours ago The time has come now to revamp the judicial system and amend the Constitution . 现在是时候改革司法系统、修改宪法了。对强奸犯毫不留情。








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